Make your own wine experience is a must.

Twenty years ago, Luis Sarabia and his wife acquired a piece of land in Valle de Guada- lupe, where they planted a grapevine. A decade later, while strolling along the vine- yard, they were moved by the sounds of their surroundings: the wind sighing, the rooster’s early morning crow and dogs barking in the distance. Truly a concert

That epiphany led to the cellar’s name and, within it, the family’s history. Until then, Luis worked in computer and technological fields, which he integrated gracefully into viticulture and the sensitivity it requires. The result is technologically guided wine from the grapevine to its outcome. Tenacity, consistency and experience are at their foundation.


Four out of the seven brand labels are available in California. Each one possesses a clear and defined personality in line with their process, aging time and grape type, while all of them go through more than a hundred quality controls.

Visiting the winery offers a unique experience that includes making your own wine and aroma tasting. The areas where you can enjoy a glass of wine, be it in the vineyard discovering the differences between grapes, inside the winery surrounded by the barrels, or enjoying a cheese board under a splendid pergola involved by nature -that holds up to 120 people-, are simply amazing.


Music is an essential part of the winery. Its spaces vibrate with perfect playlists curated by Luis’s daughter Sofía who, aside from being a music lover, is the winery’s sales and marketing director.

"Nature ́s concert gave
us our name"