Water is a very important element for healing.

Baja California is a destination known for its wine and first-class food, but there’s another reason to visit this region in Mexico: medical tourism.

Renowned Carlos Bautista m.d. has been practicing alternative medicine and holistic treatments against cancer, autoimmune, degenerative and infectious diseases for the last twenty years. The hospital he runs in Tijuana is currently a benchmark for those interested in different procedures than allophat medicine usually offer.

As part of his health-oriented calling, he has gone above and beyond developing a one-of-a-kind facility open to the general public, where beautiful surroundings and harmonious layout and architecture contribute immensely to well-being.

The holistic center, created with guest relaxation in mind, has considered every detail. Upon entering, clear spaces and landscapes fill you with serenity. The vegetable garden, tasked with supplying most of what the restaurant serves, welcomes you along with the lavender field that infuses natural and intentional aromatherapy.

The many activities available in this haven will detox, restore and invigorate you. The strolls, yoga sessions, and bike rides are bliss, but the reflexology pathway is something else. It may seem basic, but every stone has been set and buffed carefully to create specific textures and pleasurable sensations that massage the soles of your feet. The track continues with a labyrinth for meditation in movement that stimulates brain hemispheres, promoting clarity and creativity. Finding the actual exit can also mean a way out emotionally. The grenache vineyards add to the beauty of the scenery but also represent the agricultural penchant of the region. With that in mind, wine plays a role in treatments, not just from a visual standpoint but in the form of wine therapy: a relaxing antioxidant massage. Even the simple joy of a glass of wine while watching the sunset can be considered therapeutic.


"Defy gravity and leave
your worries in the pool."