The story of this wine cellar started 135 years ago, six years after the founding of Ensenada. Since then, the connection with the land, the valleys, and its people, has been crucial in becoming a world-renowned winery. Today, that same connection keeps inspiring Bodegas de Santo Tomás.


Jean Marie Pelt, President of the European Institute of Ecology, says: “The land is to be tamed, not dominated.” The nurturing, care, and love with which, not only the grapevine but all surrounding living matter is treated, will reflect in its fruit. A joyfull environment is equal to the vine’s fertility.


Kruger wines are aromatic, balanced, and easy on the tastebuds. According to Eduardo Córdoba Kruger, the winery’s director and enologist, they were conceived that way from the start because he was searching for a wine with a unique personality, different from what existed in that area.


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