Baja California’s wine region, expresses itself through its geography, microclimates and defined seasons. Flora and fauna, as well as our people, express a lifestyle as a result of an agricultural vocation that came with the missionaries almost half century ago.

The simple life, seen beyond the instagramable pictures, beyond instants. Histories that reflect identity, as a unique way of being that many long and search.

Our intention in Borderwine, is to captivate through images and words, an audience con- formed by adventurous people that want to dis- cover further than they already know.

Frontiers are conventions waiting to be tran- scended. Mexico produces wine, and Baja California is a privileged county which is ready to show itself to the world, without masks or poses. With this natural beauty that combines authenticity and innocence, but also integrates technol- ogy and refinement. That unique identity which adventurers want to explore.

Borderwine is an anecdotary of real people’s histories, and at the same time, it is a guide to discover wineries, restaurants and hotels, a col- lectable magazine, an online wine buying platform, a learning tool and an invitation to experience Baja California wine life.

Let’s cross together the
borders of wine!

Borderwine is a bimonthly magazine


1,000 copies


Letter size, bond paper



English language in printed copies.
English and spanish in digital format.
Free copies in California State.


LMA wines, one of the most important
authorized​ Baja California wine distributors in
California, is our ally to reach a bon
vivant audience that loves wines,
travels and food.

We are delivered in LMA wines at home
wine delivery, as well as restaurants,
hotels, events and wine
shops and wine bars in SoCal.

Each one of our featured spots will also
have copies for free distribution.